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1 IJLSSR-1356-10-2015 Studies on Newly Isolated Microalgae Scenedesmus spp. YACCYB70 as a Source of Fatty Acid for Biodiesel Production Accepted
2 IJLSSR-1361-10-2015 Activity of Immobilized Cellulase on Magnetic Nanoparticles Accepted
3 IJLSSR-1372-10-2015 The Greenhouse Effect and Earth’s Energy Budget Accepted
4 IJLSSR-1392-10-2015 LC-MS/MS Based Identification of Metabolites in Bioactive Extracts of Potent Endophytic Fungal Isolates Accepted
5 IJLSSR-1398-10-2015 Folic Acid Deficiency in Human Beings Accepted
6 IJLSSR-1411-10-2015 Determination of Toxic Effect of Pesticides on Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) in District Gujrat- Pakistan Under revise
7 IJLSSR-1412-10-2015 Formocresol in Dental Domain: A Review Under revise
8 IJLSSR-1419-10-2015 Optimization of Laccase Production from Screened Fungi by Design of Experiment Technique: Partial Purification and Characterization Accepted
9 IJLSSR-1425-10-2015 Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Its Bactericidal Activity Pending
10 IJLSSR-1428-10-2015 Evaluation of Mast Cell Profile in the Skin Lesions of Leprosy Under Review
11 IJLSSR-1433-10-2015 Development of Bioinsecticides against Spodoptera frugiperda using Chitnolytic Bacteria Under revise
12 IJLSSR-1438-10-2015 Evaluation of Starch from Ginger and Cassava as Pharmaceutical Tablet Excipient Pending
13 IJLSSR-1456-10-2015 The Relationship Between Hypoalbuminemia and Intradialytic Hypotention in Haemodialysis Patients Pending
14 IJLSSR-1458-10-2015 Polyhandicap and Aging Withdraw
15 IJLSSR-1460-10-2015 Hardness in Drinking-Water, its Sources, its Effects on Humans and its Household Treatment Pending
16 IJLSSR-1461-10-2015 A Survey of the Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Elayirampannai, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu Accepted
17 IJLSSR-1464-10-2015 Ichthyofaunal Assessment of Birupa River, Odisha, India Under revise
18 IJLSSR-1465-10-2015 Influence of In vitro Salinity on Mineral Contents, Antioxidant Enzymes and Physiological Responses of Iranian Artemisia dracunculus L. Clones Under revise
19 IJLSSR-1482-10-2015 Histomorphological Study of Benign Breast Lesions and Variation Analysis Accepted
20 IJLSSR-1483-10-2015 Community Based Essential New Born Care Practices and Associated Factors among Women of Enderta, Tigray, Ethiopia, 2017 Accepted
21 IJLSSR-1490-10-2015 Effect of Pressure Attribute on rate of Application in Liquid Fertilizer Application System Under Review
22 IJLSSR-1493-10-2015 Phytochemical Constituents of Different Extracts of Leaves of clerodendrum serratum Under Review
23 IJLSSR-1496-10-2015 Ergonomic Dentistry: A Paradigm Shift towards a Healthy Lifestyle- A Review Under Review
24 IJLSSR-1508-10-2015 Role of Ghrelin and Leptin in Regulation of Puberty: A Review Under Review
25 IJLSSR-1524-10-2015 Coronary Risk Factors and Oxidative Stress in Women with PCOS Withdraw
26 IJLSSR-1526-10-2015 Dynamics of Interaction of Organic Molecules With Inorganic Substrates Under Review
27 IJLSSR-1527-10-2015 An Updated Review: Quality Parameters and Nutritional Values of Ostrich Meat Under Review
28 IJLSSR-1528-10-2015 Genetic Variability Studies in F2 and F3 Generations of Ridge Gourd for Yield and Yield Components [Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb.] Under Review
29 IJLSSR-1529-10-2015 Folic Acid Deficiency in Human Beings Under Review
30 IJLSSR-1531-10-2015 Maize Yield Predictions Affected By Periods of Weed Interference in Southern Guinea Savannah Zone of Nigeria Under revise
31 IJLSSR-1535-10-2015 A Standardized Protocol for the Genomic DNA Isolation from the Species of Camellia sinensis (Linn.) O. Kuntze Under Review
32 IJLSSR-1538-10-2015 A Study on the Order Passeriformes in Human Inhabited Areas of Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala Under Review
33 IJLSSR-1549-10-2015 Occurrence of Parasites of the Genus Eustrongylides sp. (Nematoda: Dioctophymatidae) in Chrisichthys macropogon and Synodontis clarias from Lower River Benue Under Review
34 IJLSSR-1550-10-2015 Lepiots of the National Park Belezma Withdraw
35 IJLSSR-1551-10-2015 Study on the Guard Hair of Some Domesticated Ungulate Species of the Saurashtra Region of the Gujarat, India Under Review
36 IJLSSR-1552-10-2015 Refractory Kawasaki Disease after DPT Vaccination Alone- A Rare Case Report Under Review
37 IJLSSR-1553-10-2015 Enterocins: Symptomatic for a Bio- Alternative in Caries Control Under Review
38 IJLSSR-1554-10-2015 Tubercular Brain Abscess: A Diagnostic Dilemma Under Review
39 IJLSSR-1555-10-2015 Correlation Between HbA1C and Lipid Profile in Diabetic Patients Under Review
40 IJLSSR-1556-10-2015 Toxicity Influence of Organophosphate Pesticide Chlorpyrifos on Antioxidant Enzymes in Different Tissues of Albino Mice Under Review
41 IJLSSR-1557-10-2015 Seroprevalence of Rheumatoid Factor in Tertiary Care Hospital Under Review
42 IJLSSR-1559-10-2015 Knowledge and Practice of Asthmatic’s Patients Regard using Meter Dose Inhaler Under Review
43 IJLSSR-1560-10-2015 Advances in Genetics Research Under Review
44 IJLSSR-1561-10-2015 Combined Therapy with Two Ultra-highly Diluted Homeopathic Remedies, Carcinosin200C and Natrum Sulphuricum200C, Used Intermittently Demonstrate Greater Ameliorative Response than Either Drug Used Alone in Mice Intoxicated with Liver Carcinogens Under Review
45 IJLSSR-1562-10-2015 Growth Curve Analysis of Rhizobium leguminosarum Using Voltage Produced by Microbial Fuel Cell Under Review
46 IJLSSR-1563-10-2015 Karyomorphological Studies in Three Species of Alocasia (Schott.) G. Don.- An Ethno-Medicinally and Economically Important Genus Under Review

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